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In August 2007, the Omaha City Council unanimously approved the adoption of urban design regulations for the City of Omaha. These regulations address critical physical characteristics of development that previously were unregulated which in some cases may lead to the reduction in quality for the built environment. Implementation of these regulations is accomplished by gradually adding overlay zoning to existing areas of the City that have been identified in the urban design element of the City’s Master Plan as candidates for becoming significant, "image forming" corridors for Omaha. These measures will ultimately stabilize important areas and help to improve the overall quality of development for Omaha.

The Urban Design regulations are implemented by creating different overlay zoning districts. This allows for flexibility of use and adaptability to various existing contexts. The overlay zoning is added to the existing base zoning and does not replace existing zoning regulations. For specific code sections related to each overlay district refer to Chapter 55 – Zoning, Article 11- Overlay Districts of the Omaha Municipal Code.


Types of Urban Design Districts 

Code Section 

Area of Civic Importance (ACI) 

Sec. § 55-609

Civic Place District (CP) 

Sec. § 55-627 

Neighborhood Conservation/Enhancement District (NCE) 

Sec. § 55-601 

Industrial Gateway District

Sec. § 55-664 

Major Commercial Corridor District 

Sec. § 55-681 

Mixed-Use District 

Sec. § 55-561 


Not all urban design districts have been created at this time. The urban design overlay zoning will be applied to parcels in one of two ways:

  1. Segments of the proposed districts will be implemented through initiation by the planning department. Each segment will include multiple parcels requiring analysis, calibration and public involvement before a rezoning action is performed. Notification of Planning Board and City Council hearings will be distributed to all affected property owners at the time of rezoning.
  2. Parcels within proposed Urban Design districts will receive the overlay zoning upon any action involving a replat or rezoning by the Planning Board or City Council.

If you are unsure about the zoning requirements a specific parcel please contact the Planning Department Help Desk from the departments main page.


Because Omaha has evolved over a long period of time there are many distinct neighborhoods, commercial areas, districts and patterns of physical development. Older areas of town were planned in a more tradition manner while some newer areas have used conventional sub-urban principles. For this reason not all the urban design zoning provisions are applicable to each location in the same way. Districts are created based on the dominant physical characteristics and will have a unique set of applicable provisions. Download the Applicability Chart (Table 55-938) to learn how each provision is applied to each type of district.

Area of Civic Importance (ACI)

Creation of ACI districts is the current focus of implementation. These districts are being implemented through an ongoing process scheduled to be completed in 2010. The following link will refer you to the conceptual map of where the ACI districts as described in the Urban Design Element of the Omaha Master Plan. The map is conceptual in nature and is not intended to provide actual zoning information. Please refer to the Omaha GIS information available online to determine zoning applicable to specific parcels.

Conceptual Map of ACI Districts

Urban Design Handbook

For an additional guide on the provisions and intent of urban design zoning refer to the Urban Design Handbook