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Infill and Redevelopment Design Guidelines

In order to provide neighborhoods and developers consistency in the regulatory process and to establish agreed upon development outcomes, the Planning Department created Infill and Redevelopment Design Guidelines to accompany the Planned Unit Redevelopment (PUR) tool. These guidelines set design standards relating to frontage and orientation, parking, effect of the perimeter, and design quality.

Wall Material Reference Guide - 1/25/17

This reference guide streamlines the wall material requirements laid out in 55-935 of the Omaha Municipal Code.  The Primary, Complimentary and Miscellaneous sections are intended to provide examples of previously approved building materials.

Urban Design Handbook for Omaha

The Urban Design Handbook provides background and general information for urban design zoning in Omaha. The handbook includes a brief description of each zoning provision accompanied by photographs illustrating zoning objectives. This handbook does not contain the actual zoning ordinance. Please refer to Chapter 55, Article 22 of the Omaha Municipal code for this information.

Omaha Streetscape Handbook

The Omaha Street scape Handbook serves as a guide for design and planning of street scape components within right of way. The handbook includes descriptions of individual component, minimum performance standards and design considerations.  It  has been adopted as part of the Urban Design Element of the Omaha Master Plan.

Green Streets Plan for Omaha

The Green Streets Plan for Omaha serves as a guide for design and planning of designated the "green streets" system throughout Omaha. The plan includes an analysis of Omaha's existing streets, a map of the green streets system, design prototypes and details and implementation measures for the plan. This document shall act as the primary guide for right-of-way improvements which supersedes the Standards for Urban Landscaping.

Green Streets Plan - Part 1  Analysis (pages 1 - 50)

Green Streets Plan - Part 2  Prototypes, details and tree species (pages 51 - 112)

Green Streets Plan - Part 3  Implementation (pages 113 - 127)

Standards for Urban Landscaping

The Standards for Urban Landscaping is a legacy document pertaining to urban landscaping. It is generally suitable as a reference for information not covered by subsequent standards or guidebooks as applicable to private property.

Old Market and Wholesale District Guidelines

Design guidelines for all buildings and areas within the Old Market Historic District. In some cases  these standards may apply to publically funded development adjacent to the district. Consult with the City Planning Department for applicability.