Long Range Planning

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  • Transportation Planning
  • Capital Improvement Program
  • Annexation
  • Landscape / Tree Mitigation
  • Building and Development Summary
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Zoning office

LO - Limited Office

The LO limited office district is intended to provide office locations generally serving neighborhood or community needs. The LO district may be located adjacent to or within residential areas and is designed to be compatible in scale and land use intensity with residential settings. The district allows for the integration of limited supporting commercial uses into office developments. Combined with the MD major development overlay district, it is also appropriate for larger office developments, characterized by small buildings, low site coverage, and extensive landscaping. The LO district is most appropriate along collector and arterial streets, in areas of transition between residential and higher intensity uses, and in areas of existing and new office development.

GO – General Office

The GO general office district is intended to provide office locations serving community and city-wide needs. The GO district allows for relatively intense office development, together with selected complementary commercial uses integrated into such developments. Site development regulations are designed to ensure compatibility with adjacent or neighboring residential development.  GO districts are most appropriately found along or near minor and major arterial streets, on the edge of residential areas, in areas of existing office development, and in areas appropriate for new development. The GO district, through conditional use permits, also provides for large office developments and projects which in appropriate urban settings exceed allowed use intensities and regulations provided.